EAN: 0013 Crazy lace AGATE Mookaite GOLD NECKLACE JM


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0013 Crazy lace AGATE Mookaite GOLD NECKLACE JM
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AGATE CRAZY LACE GOLD ( 14 20 kt gold filled) with MOOKAITE NECKLACE
The pendant of this necklace is a crazy lace agate. Well. we think there is nothing crazy about it! It has very regular lines and waves. and this particular agate is very much like a tranquil red sea. the waves lapping at a grey rocky coast. A big corrugated gold (gf) sphere inchsuninch shines mildly upon the entire scene (from below!). Lovely. isnt it?The total length of this necklace is approx.22inch-55cm. The agate measures 1.5inch-35mm. The colors of the agate are amazing: light and darker grey, a soft peachy orange and soft browns. The peachy soft orange and cream return in the necklace: peach aventurine and creamy citrine (yes. this is citrine as well!) spheres are combined with a gold and 20-14KT goldfill spheres and mookaites with their own lovely earthy tones. All in all: a very relaxing and lovely picture.