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>Are you searching for that perfect piece of handmade jewelry and you just can't seem to find it? Did you see a piece of jewelry in our shop that you would like to have, but it has been sold, or you would like to have it in silver and the info and picture are of a gold-filled item? DO drop us an email (via our "info & contact" page) and we would be happy to go to work for you to create that special custom piece of jewelry, just for you

For your and our reassurance, we send all our items via registered mail which is a little more expensive, unfortunately, but a lot <span class  safer.

 (All prices are in EURO's). More  <a href="" title="ENGLISH conditions and disclaimer page selection|Conditions|Disclaimer|beads|jewelry" name="GENERAL COND.AUROBOREA">General delivery, other general conditions, disclaimer & privacy statement.</a>All our items will be sent to you already gift-wrapped prettily, because it is SO> nice to receive a package like that.

By the way: don't forget to visit  <a href="" title="To English esoteric/mystic/Reiki/Kabbala/numerology info page Gemstone|birthstone|info" name="ESOTERIC INFO AUROBOREA">our "Info about:"-page (REIKI, CHAKRA, (CHINESE) ASTROLOGY STAR SIGN, KABBALA,NUMEROLOGY) </a>.  (Detail info-pages can also be reached by choosing from the menu )

For the EBAY-feedback we received for our shop there, : <a href="" title="EBAY.NL FEEDBACK _gem|stone|wire|wrapped|jewelry|gold|silver" name="EBAY FEEDBACK">FEEDBACK.Cameramundo & Auroborea.</a>